Ability to scale projects of any size

Designed for self-directed analytical review experience

Supports single or multiple users

Provides flexibility to work collaboratively or autonomously

Supports more than 3700 file types

Intuitive interface with user-defined features:

• Shortcut keys

• Folders and subfolders

• Grouping, Filtering, Coding & Redaction Functionalities

• Tagging Capabilities:

 User-defined tag names for each review. Optionally classify tags as  inclusive or exclusive, ex: Responsive or Non-Responsive.

 Shortcuts for fewer mouse clicks

 Apply tags to a single document or document hierarchy.

 Search documents by applied tags.

 Tag multiple documents simultaneously

Saved search parameters

Customizable security features


• Document History Report displays all activity related to a specific document as recorded in the audit logs

• Coding Report displays document ID, date and title, and a column for each available flag for every document displayed in the grid.

• Daily Summary Report of activity by each reviewer during a specified interval

• Activity Report displays coding activity of a selected reviewer during a specified interval.


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