We complement our fully capable solutions with a consistent manner of credibility and professionalism to help our clients conquer the eDiscovery life cycle. It’s our hallmark to keep client satisfaction top of mind with services that exceed their expectations and accommodate their specifications.


To begin, we always handle our clients’ data defensibly, forensically and efficiently, regardless of the project size. Our clients can also rest assured that all services and solutions adhere to all modern litigation standards, including all FRCP and FRE. In the end, our purpose is fulfilled when our clients’ workflows are enhanced, deadlines are met and clients are able to produce and present quality data.


Let the software do the work. Enjoy reduced time and costs while gathering ESI from custodians anywhere in the world, all from a single remote location.

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Because each stage of eDiscovery can be intricately intertwined, we have positioned our Analytical Review service to encompass the core cycle as it unfolds from processing to production.

Analytical Review


Careful attention is paid to specific case details in an effort to align our attorney’s field of expertise with the specific subject matter of each engagement.

Attorney Review


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Innovative Litigation is a trusted eDiscovery software provider with over 10 years of experience balancing the scales between developing powerful software solutions and delivering high quality service. | Based in Houston, Texas.

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